Top 5 Best Punching Dummy Bags In 2020

best punching dummy bags

Don’t waste your time searching around anymore because we have the Top 5 Best Punching Dummy Bags in 2020 right here. If you are a fan of fighting sports, you are in the right place.

What do you need to know when purchasing a punching bag for beginners or professionals? Which punching dummy bag should a newbie buy? Let’s find out the answer below.

Best Punching Dummy Bags – Quick comparison

Product images Product names Editor's rating Price
Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy 4.9
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Ring to Cage MMA Man-Shaped Dummy Punching Bag 4.8 See price on Amazon
Century BOB XL with Base Unit with Free Hand Wraps 4.8 See price on Amazon
Century Youth V.SPAR.2 Punching Bag 4.7 See price on Amazon
Title MMA Legged Grappling Dummy 4.7 See price on Amazon


Difference Between A Punching Dummy Bag And A Heavy Punch Bag

Yes, there is.

You won’t feel the same when punching into a heavy punch bag versus a dummy bag. While the heavy bag can bear the heavyweight impacts with excellent resistance, a dummy bag seems not able to take that much.

This thing can be attributed to the difference in material inside each bag. A heavy punch bag is filled with grains, sand, rag, or other material with the same hardness. Meanwhile, a punching dummy bag is made of plastic, wood, or other hard material. So, a punching dummy bag tends to be more solid than a heavy punch bag.

Especially, you may have seen many wooden punching dummies used in China and other neighboring countries. Practicing with these dummies makes you more agile, faster, and feel more similar when joining real combat. You also have the chance to improve defensive and blocking skills when training.

Weight And Height Of A Punching Dummy Bag

These two specifications are vital when you want to practice with a punching dummy. The heavier it gets, the stronger and tougher you can punch or kick. A sturdy and durable dummy bag can bear and withstand the physical abuses as well as a heavy punch bag.

What about height?

It should be similar to the height of the opponent you will face. The punching dummy bag gives you a real feeling like you are fighting with the actual guy, and so, you’ll get well-prepared. There are some dummies that you can adjust the height to fit your needs.

Why Do We Use The Punching Dummy Bag?

I know you are here because you are considering purchasing a punching dummy bag, but do you really understand why we should use it?

It offers the real feeling like we are in actual combat. The dummy has the shape of the human being with arms, chest, head, and legs. It’s not like merely punching into a heavy bag as you know which position to strike.

Practicing with this makes you more flexible and able to perform powerful and fast strikes. You will fight against the rough, hard dummy, and this makes your hands stronger and more robust, too. You can also develop defensive skills as the dummy has arms and legs like a human.

So are you ready to take a look into the top 5 best punching dummy bags for beginners?

Our Pick of Top 5 Best Punching Dummy Bags

#1. Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

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Look at its name, and you can tell who will take this dummy for practice. Right, MMA fighters. This punching dummy bag is absolutely a perfect tool for MMA practice, especially for grappling.

Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy is designed with a shape of a body kneeling down, while its arms are wrapping in front. This is the perfect gesture to practice grappling it to the ground, or improve other striking moves such as uppercuts, toss punches, or gut punches.

This punching dummy is made of leather or canvas, which is comfortable to contact. It also comes with many sizes that will fit different users. A 40-inch dummy is the smallest size for the youngsters and beginners, while adults can practice with a 70-inch punching dummy.

The dummy bag is also available in various weight sizes: 55 lbs, 77 lbs, 99 lbs, and 121 lbs. This weight size is suitable for each user, whether you are a beginner or an experienced MMA fighter. Choose your own dummy bag with appropriate height and weight to practice and improve your skills.


  • Suitable for judo, wrestling, MMA practice
  • Safe for children
  • Various sizes to use
  • Durable and long-lasting material


  • Medium-quality of leather cover
  • Time-wasting on preparation and building up

#2. Ring to Cage MMA Man-Shaped Dummy Punching Bag

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If you are a fan of Muay Thai or boxing, you’re going to love this punching dummy bag. Well, just look at its appearance.

Ring to Cage MMA Man-Shaped says it all. It resembles a man with necessary body parts: head, shoulders, arms, legs. It will help you much with both offensive and defensive techniques.

For the material, this dummy bag is made of heavy polyester to withstand heavyweight impacts. The tight lining also makes you feel more realistic and helps increase the bag’s weight to 75 lbs.

While the punching dummy offers such a great feeling to users, it can also absorb and take hard physical abuses. The high-level resistance allows it to withstand your repeat punches or kicks so that you can keep your flow till you get tired. What a “lovely” dummy!

How will you love this punching dummy bag?

The dummy’s height is at the average level, which is 5 ft and 8 inches tall. It’s like you are facing the real opponent in boxing or Muay Thai, and this is really good for you to prepare for the actual combat. I mean, this is one of the best equipment that every fighter needs.


  • Suitable for hitting arm, leg, and neck
  • Adjustable arms
  • Easy to hit with bare hands
  • Easy to practice defensive techniques


  • Unable to hit face or head
  • Unable to perform too heavy hits

#3. Century BOB XL

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Century is one of the famous brands for fighting equipment, and Century BOB XL is a typical one. Though you can see it a bit simple, its quality is exceptional.

Century BOB XL doesn’t have arms or legs, so it is suitable for you to practice kicking or hitting the middle body parts. It’s made of plastisol material and filled with urethane foam for a realistic feel. It’s especially perfect for those who are preparing for the upcoming battle.

You can adjust the body’s height to fit your needs, while the inner body can be filled with sand or water. By filling this, the bodyweight will increase to a maximum of 270 lbs.

Well, we say previously that the middle body is a perfect position to hit as it’s the hardest and toughest. Meanwhile, the head is the softest part that you don’t want to hit.

You will never experience a punching dummy bag that brings you such a realistic feeling like this. This also resembles a man with an emotional face and six-pack muscle, which may make you feel hungry and desired to fight against.


  • Easy to hit with bare hands
  • Durable, sturdy base
  • Simple design


  • Difficult to move around
  • Unable to perform too heavy hits

#4.  Century Youth V.SPAR.2 Punching Bag ( Century 10188  )

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Another great product of the famous brand Century but it’s the first freestanding grappling dummy designed exclusively for youth.

Century 10188 is suitable for those who are practicing judo or grappling. Three legs are standing, while two arms of the dummy are facing straight. This is perfect for some movements like taking down, throwing, sweeping, holding, or locking while it won’t cause any risking injuries for users.

You will love the material of this dummy as it’s soft with high-density foam-filled inside, which makes the dummy flexible and durable. It can bound back to the original position after being taken down so that you can practice grappling it over and over again.

Century 10188 Punching Bag can be filled with water or sand. However, you can move it easily at the beginning when the bag is not filled fully.

With the height of about 45.5” tall (with legs), it’s a perfect dummy for practice before coming to the battle. That makes the dummy have the same height as man and it’s easy to grapple or take it down. Perfect preparation for the upcoming match!


  • Suitable for practice wrestling, MMA, judo
  • Soft and high-quality material
  • Safe for users
  • Durable and flexible


  • No sizes for children or teenagers
  • Not for punching or kicking practice

#5. Title MMA Legged Grappling Dummy

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What if you want both a punching dummy bag and a heavy punch bag? Here it is for you.

Title Boxing Dummy Bag is the unique punching dummy as it can be hung up for punching and also set on the ground for grappling. It could have the same weight as a heavy punching bag so that you can practice boxing and kickboxing.

The cover is made of synthetic leather, which is triple the thickness of a regular shell. Well, this material will make the dummy last a long time while taking the heavy hits and abuses repeatedly. It also offers the most realistic feeling for users.

Title Punching Dummy Bag is pre-filled and you won’t find anywhere to put in additional sand or water. However, you don’t need to do that because you may find this dummy heavier than expected when receiving it.

Thus, it comes with two sizes for your options: 64” – 70 lbs, 68” – 100 lbs. Either of them is suitable for most users in the world and you don’t have to worry if there is not a size for you.


  • Much versatile
  • Able to use as a heavy punching bag
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • High-quality of synthetic leather cover
  • Excellent design


  • No various sizes
  • Uncomfortable arms gesture

How To Choose The Best Punching Dummy Bag For Beginners or Professionals

Though you know the best punching dummy bags for beginners above, you may not be sure how to choose the right one. There are some standards you need to consider carefully to get a good punching dummy bag.

Here we will share some tips to help you out.


Well, this is the first important thing when you choose a punching dummy bag. The material should be 1, durable, long-lasting; 2, resilient, and bearable to withstand hard physical abuses; 3, safe for users.

It could be made of leather, canvas, plastic, or synthetic leather. However, it should be soft for youth, and hard enough for adults to practice.


Depending on your purposes and your height, you can choose the punching dummy with a suitable design. If you are a teenager fighter, select the dummy with about 45″ tall to practice. If you are an adult, the 68-inch and the 70-pound dummy is a perfect choice.

Are you practicing wrestling or MMA? Let’s get an MMA grappling dummy. Are you into a kickboxing contest? Go for a punching dummy bag. Consider the gesture, design, and appearance of the dummy carefully before purchasing.


You can test it in advance. The punching dummy should absorb and recover quickly after taking massive hits. It should keep the balance position and not fall off. Some low-quality dummies cannot take severe impacts and get cracked easily after a few times.


Which material is the most common and suitable for beginners?

Honestly, let’s try for your own feelings. Indeed, there are some common materials used: polyester, plastic, foam, leather, synthetic leather, etc. However, they are not all really suitable for you. Try some of the material and choose the one you like most. It should also fit your needs of hardness, resistance, and stability.

What is the best stuff for filling inside the punching dummy bag?

There are two common materials to fill in the dummy: sand and water. While water can leak out if there is just a small crack on the dummy, sand makes everything cleaner. However, you may find it heavy and difficult to move a dummy full of sand inside.

As water may cause mold and wet, we’d prefer sand personally.

How to keep the freestanding dummy standstill?

It’s a problem with the base. Make the base sturdy and heavyweight so that the dummy won’t fall when taking impacts. Sand is the most suitable material to fill here as it increases the dummy’s weight very much.

In Conclusion

We’ve just given the top 5 best punching dummy bags for beginners or professionals in 2020 for your choices. They are all the great products from popular brands in the world, so you can rest assured about their quality. Also, remember to consider the necessary criteria before choosing the best one. Should you have any more questions? Don’t hesitate to write it down here.

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