BOB Punching Bag Reviews: Which Should You Choose? (Standard or Big Size)


I don’t care if you are a boy or a girl, old or young or whoever you are. What I care about is your safety. If you are looking for something that helps you practice self-defense, then you have to buy bob punching bags.

Believe me or not, I have found out two greatest BOB Punching Bag. Do you want to know my experiences with those? Then let’s go!

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What Is A Punching Bag?

A punching bag is a bag that is stuffed or inflated. The punching bag is used for free movement and continuously punched.

A normal punching bag is often hanged. But the bob punching bags is totally special, different from normal punching bags. It is a dummy that can stand due to its base. This product has an angry and tough face that will increase the spirit of users. If you want to practice karate, punching, or even getting rid of stress, this product is perfectly suitable.

From the definition, I am very sure that you have known how to use it. Yes, you just need to punch again and again till you are tired. Of course, you must remember to use gloves when exercising to avoid the unfortunate injury.

A good punching bag must withstand the heavy punch, height-adjustable and be moved simply. It is made of plastisol, which is one of the most durable materials used by most manufacturers.

And if you are angry at someone and can not do anything, imagine these punching bags are his/ her face. Why not? It is very interesting, isn’t it? And here, we can start to find out the best punching bag for you.


Century BOB Punching Bag Review

BOB punching bag standard review

Century 101693

Century is always one of the best brands that make martial arts types of equipment. Now, this brand has created the 101693 – A wonderful item for striking and punching practices.

This item has all the basic parts of a real body. Some you can easily tell are the jaw, throat, ribs, solar plexus… When you have it, you should try to execute liver shots, uppercuts, and punch solar plexus. That will make you a great experience. And do you know what is the greatest? There is some vital areas that you can not practice in real life with a real partner. This item can help you with that case.

You can also adjust its height in order to practice to approve the big or small opponents. This item is not a regular heavy bags, it emulates realistically a live opponent with many areas for you to punch.

The Century has designed it very well in order to make the 101693 as closest to a real human as possible. So that the users can avoid hurting themself by training. You can use bare hands to punch the flexible head. The torso is tougher so you will need to wear punching bag gloves while attempting to train body shots.

A disadvantage of the Century 101693 is that it can not provide the same level of resistance as a hanging heavy bag. Although this item has a weight of 270lbs, it still rebounds more than a 100lbs hanging bag from direct hits. In this case, I recommend you to fill the base with sand to train strong kicks. The heavier the dummy is, the less it would rebound.


  • You can use pebbles in the base instead of sand or water.
  • It can hold strong attack
  • This product is easy to assemble.


  • This normal size can not please some persons who want to practice facing big opponents.
  • It moves around sometime while being hit.

Century BOB XL Punching Bag Review

Century 101692

Century really knows how to please its customers. Maybe the BOB punching bag is so small? Then you can try the XL size of this item.

There are some different things from the original BOB punching bag. The XL is built with the same muscular and angry face as the old version. But the torso is extended lower to include thighs. With the new appearance, Century 101692 is one of the largest body punching bags in the market.

You can set its height from 5’6 to 6 feet. When the base is full, the heavy of the punching bag will come up to 270 pounds. But unlike the original version, this body punching is more stable due to its XL Size. The rounded base is from hard polyethylene plastic which will easily be able to move and store.

This body opponent bag is still designed to emulate a real person. So you will be able to have a great experience while striking it.

There is only one thing that the surface is not as smooth as other normal bags. The body is a little bit rough. Therefore, we will give you a recommendation that you should wear gloves when you practice hitting this bag.


  • It is soft
  • It does not hurt you much while using without gloves
  • The spent money is worth


  • It is quite tricky to adjust the height.
  • The base may still slightly lifts off the ground despite the full capacity
  • Instep kicks or groin kicks may not be ideal

Let Us Punch Some Punching Bags!!!

After my opinion, a Bob body opponent bag is already good for your practicing. But if you want to train to face against bigger, taller opponents. Or you want to run a gym, you should buy the XL one. The XL is a new version so it is much improved.

Have you read all of this BoB Punching Bag review? Have you found a suitable one for your training? If yes, get up and start practicing right now! Do not be lazy if you want to own a fit and healthy body! After that, please comment for me to know your experience with those products. I am waiting for you!

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